F Wopfner Innovations

Electronic grip-force testing

Grip-force is controlled directly in the jaw of the grip


Unique Innovatively Designed Guide Sleeves:

Pkt No collision of the sleeves in the garage any more
Pkt Suitable for all new WOPFNER detachable grip-types. (no difference in rope diameters)


Detachable Grip


This grip is still the only detachable grip on the market, whose function can be controlled without taking it to pieces - for checking only the closing-lever has to be moved by hand.


Using the gear wheel as driving unit for chair- and skilifts it is possible to design a new drive station with the advantages listed below.




Blocking of the drive sheave is not possible any more: more than 200 balls cannot fail all of a sudden



Due to the simple construction of the cable sheave many parts, such as
Pkt Beam tube incl. hub
Pkt Torsion shaft,
Pkt Emergency drive,
Pkt Rim for emergency break
Pkt Detachable drive train
are not needed any longer, or can be done in a simpler way



Smaller -  More Functional - Well-Shaped


Information data sheet(pdf)


Low Construction

One or more stages of the gear are integrated in the hub of the drive wheel.


Increased operational safety

400 bearing balls are more efficient than approx. 20.
No breaking of the bearing is possible


New design of the station

Due to the new construction of the drive it’s possible to give a new appearance to the drive stations fixed as well as detachable.


More economic production

Many components of an ordinary bearing are no more needed

Bull Wheel Drive


Information data sheet(pdf)


Please don't hesitate to study our Information sheet. You will find there also information about the new Sheaves Battery Typ WOPFNER RB 19.

    The new Cone Sheave only needs the following workflow having only half weight of the ordinary sheaves.

  1. 1) Getting there with the Service Cabin
  2. 2) Fixing the moveable crane arm at the  foreseen points and coupling the hydraulic lifting piston with the rope
  3. 3) Opening and removing the bayonet‐ring rubber-ring
  4. 4) Mounting the new rubber‐ring and fixing it with the bajonett
  5. 5) Taking down the crane arm and sending completion confirmation by radio





Please watch the vidoe to see who easy it can be to exchange sheaves.


Information data sheet (pdf)


Until now experts thought, sheaves-batteries are useful for rope-support only. But our sheaves batteries, especially combined with the Cone-Sheve are able to do more
What´s different:

  1. 1) The battery is the fixing point for the quick replacement of the rubber-liners
  2. 2) Anchor-point of the NEW-evacuation-tube
  3. 3) Anchor-point of the NEW repair of rope-derailment within the outside sheaves
  4. 4) A chance to go without working-platforms on the tower

All these points are totally new, you can't find them in the market until now.
You will find advantages in transport, assembling and servicing. The advantages you are creating are really immense. Please assure yourself and be informed by our brochures. (Downloads)

RB Typ 19


Sheaves Battery


New Sheave, new battery, but true success comes from their interplay.


Information data sheet (pdf)


Information Data Sheet Sheave and Sheaves Battery


Information Data Sheet Bull Wheel Drive and Ropeway Station



After the fair .pdf's will be uploaded with more technical information.


Since 1989 detachable ropeways were built with the automatic grip-system which was developed in-house.


Pkt detachable 2 & 4-seater chairlifts as well as

Pkt detachable gondola lifts for 2-4-6 -8  people and

Pkt fixed grip gondola lifts for 6 & 8 people.


Further business areas were:
Pkt Material-ropeways with 2-rope technology
Pkt Avalanche protection programs with ropeways for snow-blasting and steel constructions for avalanche protection.


Since 2004 the focus is on the development and design of components for ropeways.


Ropeway constructions and installations from FELIX WOPFNER and WOPFNER-SEILBAHNSYSTEME were installed in the following countries:
Austria, Turkey, Korea, Russia, Columbia, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Mexico.





In 1911 Mr. FELIX WOPFNER sen. started his metalworking company in Innsbruck, Innstraße.


Since 1951 FELIX WOPFNER, second generation, was building components for chairlifts and in


1953 the first complete ropeway was installed. In those days the ropeway-products were fixed grip chairlifts and ski lifts.



We are looking for cooperation with local manufacturers of ropeways all over the world, except USA, who are able to produce and manage ropeway-projects on basis of our expertise and experience

Company Objective

We are a design-company for ropeway-technology.




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